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When was the last time you had grease under your fingernails?  I’m talking about automotive grease, not grease from pizza or wings.

Think back to high school when you got your first car.   Money was tight so you had to handle all the maintenance.  You weren’t pulling into Joe’s Oil Change and paying someone to do it for you. You crawled under that car and did it yourself. After a while you had the automotive wisdom to take on larger tasks; brakes, spark plugs and even gaskets. There was nothing you couldn’t do to your ride.

BANDIT Oil will help you take back the control that the dealerships and lube joints took away from you.   They tout quick service, convenience and low cost.  Well guess what?  You’ll have to wait your turn, drive out of your way and you’re not saving money.  If you’ve ever taken your ride back to the lube shop, like the sticker in the window suggests, then you’ve spent too much money. 

BANDIT Oil specializes in the nation’s original synthetic motor oil. We can provide you with the products to help you save money and time.

Dust off the toolbox and put on those old coveralls.  It’s easy, you can even find instructions online.  You’ll have the personal satisfaction of knowing it was done right and you’ll make out like a Bandit, saving time and money. Recapture the enthusiasm you once felt when you opened the hood of your car.  Get grease under your fingernails.

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