Drive Smart to Save Gas

lets face it….you should know must of this stuff.


With the cost of gas going up each week….or hour depending on your location…..people are looking for ways to get a few more miles out of a gallon of gas.  Aside from attaching a sail to the top of you car you only have a few options at your disposal.

Lighter car = More Miles
Do you keep a toolbox in your truck? If you’re not a racecar mechanic…why do you do that?  Are you driving around with a couple bags of baseball and soccer equipment?  Get all the unnecessary junk out of your car.  It will also get rid of that funky odor you’ve smelled. Some brave people even remove the spare tire.  Do this if you have AAA and the spirit of an adventurer.  I have run flat tires and no spare…..bad luck follows me so you and I both know what can happen.

Remember to be aerodynamic
Are you the goober driving down the road in the middle of summer with a ski rack on the top of your car?  People make fun of you and it creates resistance, which hurts your mpg. Stay sleek and streamlined.

Go Go Juice
There are some experts that will tell you that you should use only premium gas.  This is costly and goes against the whole “save money” concept we’re talking about.  If you have a turbo charged engine, sure, pour some high octane in the tank.  If you’re re-living your high school years over and have a car with a carburetor, use the regular grade.  Cars made within the past 20 years have some serious electronics that monitor everything in them. You don’t want to make them mad.  Mid grade will suffice. A little side not that some don’t know about.  Some (not all) gas stations mix the regular and premium grade to make the mid grade.  It’s like when your mom would get Flavor-Aid and mix with Kool-Aid.

You are not a NASCAR driver and the interstate is not a track
I believe this should be self-explanatory.  If your office is 20 miles from home and you drive 80 mph, you get there in 15 minutes.  But, if you drive the same 20 miles at 65 mph you get there 3 ½ minutes later.  Way to go Richard Petty, you risked your life and everyone else’s for a little bit of time.  Oh, and you drained more gas which costs you more money…. add that to the ticket you will eventually get and you’re dropping the bucks like a super star.

Air is important
Of course I know we breathe it, but your tires require a supply of it also.  Properly inflated tires keep you moving smoothly. Smooth moving reduces resistance.  I think you know where I’m going with this.  Check tire pressure every third fill up.

Don’t forget the air filter.
Do you drive down a dirt road or in the backwoods through some rough areas?  Let that filter get clogged up and you’ll see a dramatic drop in the MPG.  Ever leave a car parked for a long period of time?  Make sure a mouse hasn’t turned it into a small condo.

Coast to the light, not through it
If nobody is behind you and there’s a red light ahead, take your foot of the gas and just coast to the light.  No need to run up to it and break like you’re a stuntman in a movie. Save your breaks and some gas.

Idling car is the devils playground
Running back into the house to use the bathroom or look for that movie you need to return to Redbox?  You know you’ll stand there and look at new releases and waste time.  Well, be smart and turn the engine off.  You’re not going anywhere and you should only crank the engine when going somewhere.  Watching your car idle in your driveway is like throwing coins in a fountain….you get nothing out of it and it’s stupid.

Just for kicks why don’t you keep track of you mileage at your normal driving style for a week.  Then fill the tank up and try these little tips.  You will not be surprised at the results….cause I told you they would work.

Remember –
Drive with respect to your fellow travelers, pay attention and be smart behind the wheel.

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